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Common Signs Your Forklift Needs a Service
Author:sinolift   Post Time:2021-5-26   Hits:29 

What is forklift maintenance?

Forklift maintenance is a combination of inspections, preventative repairs and regular schedule of servicing of a forklift as set out by unit’s manufacturer.

Forklift maintenance is often included in a company’s safety management plan to ensure the unit is safe to be operated and doesn’t pose undue risk to operators, other staff, product, plant or equipment.

Why is regular forklift maintenance vitally important?

Regular forklift maintenance is vital for two main reasons.

First of all it ensures the unit is able to function at optimal levels resulting in a reduction in unnecessary downtime that may result in lost productivity, whilst also extending the overall service lift of the forklift.

Secondly a properly maintained forklift is a safe forklift, operators and staff who work in and around forklifts can have the confidence in the machine that the unit is fit for purpose and the risk of accident or injury has been minimised.

How often should a forklift be serviced?

Similar to servicing your car the frequency a forklift should be serviced is determined by a number of ‘common sense’ factors that are discussed below.

In addition to the factors mentioned below Adaptalift Group always recommends that a forklift is immediately tagged out until it can be assessed, serviced or repaired by a qualified technician if a major fault is detected that could cause injury or damage.

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