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Name:ETM mini pick up truck
Product Introduction:Welcome to use our ETM Series Electric Tractor. Your Tractor is designed for a durable, reliable and easy operation. It could be easily used in any place such as airport, factory, warehouse, supermarket and distribution center, saving energy and time without any pollution to working environment. For your safety and correct operation, please carefully read this instruction book and warnings on the Tractor before using it. NOTE:All of the information reported herein is based on data available at the Moment of printing. We reserve the right to modify its own products at any moment without notice and incurring in any sanction. So, it is suggested to always verify possible updates.


1.1 Read and understand Operator's Manual before using the truck.

1.2 Do not operate this truck unless you are trained and authorized.

1.3 Operate truck only from designated operating load position. Never place any

part of your body under the truck or near moving parts.

1.4 Do not stand, sit or climb on truck, or use truck to move personnel.

1.5 Do not exceed the tracting capacity shown on label.

1.6 Custom alterations of units for specific functions not made at the factory void

all warranties without exception. User made alterations may result in unsafe

conditions during use of unit.

1.7 Do not perform any repair work on truck when power on.


Operating Element

2.1 Read and understand Operators Manual before using the truck.

2.2 Make sure that the battery cable connector is fully engaged into the

battery compartment of the truck.

2.3 Check if there is full of battery supply.

2.4 Check if the truck is working properly. Give special attention to horn, speed

controller and steering system.

2.5 Observe the condition of the truck for any other malfunction or defect.

2.6 Before leaving the unit, stop the unit and turn off power.


2.1 TO CONNECT Connect the goods to the tractor. Make sure that the

connection between the tractor and the goods is sufficient engaged and tighten.

2.2 TO TRAVEL The electric throttle controls the direction and speed of the truck

by rotating the throttle control butterfly located on the upper part of the handle.

Rotate the butterfly forward, the truck will move forward. So does backwards.

Please usually travel the unit backwards. The speed of the truck is controlled by

the degree of rotation in either direction.

2.3 TO BRAKE This truck is equipped with a brake that is applied between 1~5

degrees of the vertical position . When you release the control handle, it will

resume the neutral position automatically, the brake in work. Always make sure that the brake is in work before operating the truck .

2.4 HORN FUNCTION A horn switch is located on the front side of the handle.


WARNING: Plug charger directly into a properly grounded standard wall outlet.

Do not remove the grounding prong as this can create an electrical hazard. Failure to

heed could result in personal injury and or property damage.

4.1 Turn off the switch to cut off the battery power supply.

4.2 Disconnect the battery cable connector from compartment of the truck and

then fully plug the charge port cord into the charge port on the charger.

4.3 Before connecting the battery charger to the local power supply, check and

insure that the voltage of both is the same.

4.4 Connect the charger port cord into the outlet of local power supply.

4.5 When the charging cycle is completed, unplug the charger power cord from

the wall outlet and from the charge power port.

4.6 Remove the battery charger and fully engaged the battery cable connector to

the compartment of the truck.


5.1 Only trained and authorized personnel should be permitted to maintain, repair,

and inspect the unit.

5.2 Keep usage area dry, clean, and well ventilated.

5.3 Safety devices shall be inspected at regular intervals and maintained to a safe

operating condition.

5.4 Electrical components shall be maintained and inspected for safe operation.

Condition of electrical insulation is very important.

5.5 Disconnect batteries before working with the electrical system.


The truck is assembled with standard hitch, there are many different hitch are

available for difference application. Contact your local distributor for more detail.

ETM Specifications:
Model ETM-50 ETM-100 ETM-150
Capacity 500kg 1000kg 1500kg
Battery 2x12V/40Ah 2x12V/70Ah 3x12V/70Ah
Charger 24V/10A 24V/10A 36V/10A
Drive motor 24V/400W 24V/800W 36V/1200W
Drive wheel Ø260x90mm Ø310x127mm Ø310x127mm
10x3.50-4 13x5.00-6 13x5.00-6
Rear wheel Ø75x32mm Ø75x32mm Ø100x32mm
Front sport wheel ----- 100x32mm 100x32mm
Unload speed 7km/h 7km/h 7km/h
Load speed 6km/h 6km/h 6km/h
Load gradability 5% 5% 5%
Unload gradability 10% 10% 10%
Weight 90kg 120kg 180kg

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