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Name:DC10 DC20 DC30 Tilting Drum Cradles
Model:DC10 DC20 DC30
Product Introduction:The tilting drum cradle provides a safe, ergonomical way to tip, drain & store 55 gallon drums. Self-storing load tipping lever. Convenient way to move any load to the job location.

Drum Truck DC series

▲ Capacity 600lbs.
▲ The economical, safe way to tip, drain and store 55 gallon drums.
▲ Self-storing load tipping lever.
▲ Nylon castor and wheels 3".
▲ Drum height 15"off floor.
▲ Easy-to-assemble.
▲ Overall dimen sion:32 1/2"L x 19 1/2"Wx21"H.
▲ Easy step to drum drainning and storage:
▲ Place cradle next to drum.
▲ Place hook over drum chime.
▲ Tip load on curved section Move load to on-the-job location.
▲ Move load to on-the job location.

Model Front Wheel Rear Castor Net Weight (kg/lbs)
DC10 Inboard No 15/33
DC20 Outboard Yes 16/35
DC30 Inboard Yes 16/35

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