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Product Quality Assurance
Ningbo Lida logistics equipment storage class
product quality assurance
Ningbo Lida Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lida") provides the following assurance on the quality of materials and work their products:
1. Commitment to product quality
1.1 During the warranty period, confirmed that parts of the damage due to material or manufacturing defects, the identified quality fault within the warranty coverage, the joint force will be given free of charge repair or replacement.
1.2 work together to provide quality assurance of its products only to users in the use of other non-direct losses in the process, such as: downtime losses, the loss of credibility of the additional costs and other economic losses are not included in the guarantee range of.
1.3 commitment does not include products beyond the special requirements other than the use and maintenance instructions or contract provisions.
2. Guarantee periods and range:
2.1 Product quality assurance of the starting time for the product delivered to users date.
2.2 Quality guarantee period period of 12 months and work time does not exceed 1,000 hours (two conditions to achieve that is beyond the shelf life)
2.3 The following components of the quality guarantee period of not more than six months and the working hours of 1,000 hours (two conditions in a reach that is beyond the shelf life):
Accelerator, encoder, steering potentiometer, electromagnetic brake, high pressure tubing, gas spring, contactors, relays, circuit boards, electrical switches, plugs, sockets, tires (imported), bearings, bushings, spool valve sleeve .
Product updates and improvements:
Ongoing product improvements and updates to the pursuit of perfection, lida has sold products do not offer this service. If you need this service, please lida Contact.
Quality assurance conditions:
User product failure for the first time must contact the nearest designated service outlets together.
5 does not belong to the scope of quality assurance:
5.1 No valid invoice, and can not prove that they purchase products in the quality assurance period.
5.2 users not in accordance with the use and maintenance manual requirements properly given to the maintenance or operation of the improper use of damage caused by the use of overload.
5.3 abnormal environmental factors caused the damage. Poor use of the environment, job site inappropriate use, resulting in damage to the product quality problems does not belong to.
5.4 Non-product quality reasons of accidents caused by damage to the part.
5.5 part of the damage due to natural disasters and other force majeure.
5.6 user product fails to handle properly continue causing further damage. The resulting loss of or failure to expand not be paid, the joint force is only responsible for the original failure.
5.7 user recognition has not been together their own structural modification, adjustment, repair, demolition, destroyed the vehicles original state, part of damage.
5.8 damage due to the use of non-lida authentic parts, as well as lead to the failure of the repair and maintenance of non-work together to specify a service outlets.
5.9 Due to inhalation of moisture, dust, corrosive damage.
5.10 can be restored after simple adjustment or repair parts of the performance.
5.11 does not belong to the scope of quality assurance vulnerability consumable parts:
Fuse, carbon brushes, glass products, accessories, casing, oil, friction plates, seals, seal, low pressure rubber tube.