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Name:L Series 4-5T GAS LPG Forklift
Product Introduction:The latest appearance design method was used to create the R series fluent and aesthetic outline, which matches the latest appearance trend.

The latest appearance design method was used to create the R series fluent and aesthetic outline, which matches the latest appearance trend.

Thanks to the long wheelbase design, the longitudinal stability of whole truck is much better, the hoisting capacity at same lift height are enhanced by an average of 100KG compared with former truck. At the same time, it prolongs work time of rear wheel as the reduced rear axle’s load.

The travel speed of truck has been raised, for example, the 2-2.5T type comes to 20km/h.

Dual air spring supporting hood and one-touch removal of the floorboard get you right to service operations, and reduces down-time.

The reasonable arrangement of fuse and installation of instrument, enable the replacing for fuse and maintenance for instrument easier.

The environment friendly engines all meet EU stage-2 emission control regulation. The noise emission also comes to EU standard.
The metal hood and molding sound insulation matches environmental protection demands.

A throttling device is set in pipe system,the mast won’t result in failing control of mast even some pipes broke.
By using a built-in hood lock device, the safe level of the truck has been raised.

General Manufacture SINOLIFT 4.0-5.0T LPG Forklift Specifications
Basic model CPYD40-GM CPYD45-GM CPYD50-GM
Type RW17-Y RW17-Y RXW17-Y
Power type LPG LPG LPG
Rated capacity Kg 4000 4500 5000
Load center mm 500 500 500
Dimensions Lift height mm 3000 3000 3000
Free lift height mm 160 160 160
Fork size L×W×T mm 1070×150×50 1070×150×50 1070×150×55
Mast tilt range F/R deg 6/12 6/12 6/12
Fork overhang(Wheel center to fork face) mm 550 550 550
Rear overhang mm 520 560 560
Overall Length to face of fork mm 3070 3110 3215
dimensions Overall width mm 1395 1395 1490
Mast lowered height mm 2245 2245 2395
Mast extended height mm 4175 4170 4320
Overhead guard height mm 2250 2250 2250
Turning radius(outside) mm 2690 2720 2810
Min. right angle stacking aisle width mm 3240 3270 3360
(Add load length and clearance)
Performance Speed Travel(no  load ) Km/h 26 26 26
Lifting(Full load) mm/sec 460 460 400
Lowering(Full load) mm/sec 500 500 500
Max. Drawbar Pull(Full load) N 39300 39300 39300
Max. gradeability(Full load) % 20 20 20
Wheels&tires Tyres Front 8.25-15-14PR 300-15-14PR 300-15-14PR
Rear 7.00-12-12PR 7.00-12-12PR 7.00-12-12PR
Tread Front mm 1160 1190 1190
Rear mm 1130 1130 1130
Wheelbase mm 2000 2000 2100
Ground clearance Lowest mm 170 170 170
Wheelbase center mm 230 230 230
Weight Self weight Kg 6300 6500 6600
Weight Distribution Full load Front/Rear Kg 9000/1300 9625/1375 10125/1475
No  load Front/Rear Kg 2800/3500 2820/3680 2820/3780
Power&transmission Battery Voltage/Capacity(20HR) 12/70/20H 12/70/20H 12/70/20H
Engine Engine Name Code GM GM GM
Model GM4.3L GM4.3L GM4.3L
Manufacture V/AH GM GM GM
Rated output/r.p.m. kw 74/2300 74/2300 74/2300
Rated torque/r.p.m. 301/1600 301/1600 301/1600
No. of cylinder 6 6 6
Bore×Stroke mm 102×88 102×88 102×88
Displacement cc 4294 4294 4294
Fuel tank capacity L 40 40 40
Transmissions Manufacture CHINA CHINA CHINA
Type Powershift Powershift Powershift
Stage FWD/RVS 2/1 2/1 2/1
Operating pressure For attachments MPa 18 18 18
1. Special lifting height available.
2. Attachment available.
3. The specification in the table are for standard models only . For further information ,please contact us.

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