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SINOLIFT new KBE series electric folklift,as fast as lightning!
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Are you suffering from the heat wave of the forklift In the summer and with the noise of engine full of your ears?The endless vibration has made you headache and dizzy? Come and try SINOLIFT new KBE series car! A wise choice for you to work in a relaxed and efficient enviroment!
SINOLIFT new KBE series electric folklift,as fast as lightning!

Quality - stable handling and always same

The quality of SINOLIFT new KBE series electric folklift is reliale and with simple maintenance. Ten years of technical precipitation and imported core components made the superior quality of KBE .KBE series electric folklift adopt the Ac motor without carbon brush and commutator, simple structure, no maintenance.
Rapid handling performance and tireless
Lasting power derived from excellent battery performance. SINOLIFT is cooperating with leading supplier of battery at home and abroad with a view to let the forklift power stronger and longer battery life; Become a carrying expert especially suitable for cold storage and some dangerous environment like explosion-proof.
Smart - free handling to everywhere
Since abandoned the huge engine and clutch, the vehicle become more compact and more small turning radius, flexibility is greatly increased, which can realize more intensive shelf layout, improve warehouse space utilization.

Humanization - comfortable handle
Such as store content box, folder, adjustable seat, adjustable steering wheel, instrument panel, humanized design, make your work more handy. Fault diagnosis and display system, speed adjustable system lets you knew all about your car. Equipped with hydraulic steering, steering stability system and harsh environment is no longer "thugs", car status as control.

Security - security handling make you fearless
Stop switch, and after reversing armrest, the driver is present induction system... We consider every detail; High strength safety tent with falling weight make the vision more open and driving safer. SINOLIFT, for not only products, but also the safety of you.
Environmental protection -clean handling, pure and fresh and elegant
High quality battery with high efficiency of charging machine, the ac motor efficient regenerative braking - conversion technology of energy efficiency, save energy, no waste gas, noise is low, truly "car non-trace".
Shanghai SINOLIFT Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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