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SINOLIFT 2020 Annual meeting and group construction activities 
Author:sinoliften   Post Time:2020-1-19   Hits:2417 

In the busy work imperceptibly ushered in a New Year.In the past 2019, this year has been meaningful, valuable and rewarding. It is also a crucial year for the company's development. All colleagues have been working hard to achieve the annual production and sales targets.In order to thank all partners for their dedication, enhance the cohesion of the team, and enhance the feelings among employees, the company grandly prepared a unique annual meeting and group construction activities.

More than a month before the event, the senior management of the company decided on the preliminary plan of the annual meeting through several meetings and invited a professional and experienced team to expand the company -- luo ya sports culture development (Shanghai) co., LTD., to plan and prepare for the whole event carefully.Through several plans carefully planned by luo ya company, the company finally selected the annual meeting plan: three days and two nights "beautiful tianmu lake" tour.

January 10, under the drizzle, 5-8weather can not resist the enthusiasm of the  partners of SINOLIFT company.Today is the first day of the journey of "beautiful tianmu lake". When we went to work in the morning, we took our belongings with us. When we arrived at the company, we finished and arranged our work as soon as possible.At 11 o 'clock at noon, the drizzle has turned into light rain, bus driver master Chen (there are more than ten years of bus driving experience) is very sweet, than the agreed time 1 hour ahead of the car parked at the company gate, convenient for everyone to place salute in advance and so on. All the partners arranged their work, it was 14:00 PM when we set off, but no one complained, after more than four hours of singing and laughing, we arrived at the first stop, nanshan bamboo sea.

Just got off the bus, the boss of the local restaurant of coastal amorous feelings, had prepared the hot special meal for everybody. After dinner, we can't wait to put down salute to the farm to enjoy the beautiful scenery.The owner of the farm was very enthusiastic, the rooms were kept clean, the facilities were no worse than a four-star hotel, and the breakfast the next day was cooked by himself, delicious, hearty and healthy.

In the morning of the second day, loya arranged a game session for us in a four-star hotel, accompanied by a professional drillmaster du, so that we could relax and feel happy in a simple, happy and interesting game.Moreover, the relationship between individuals in the team is coordinated to enhance mutual understanding among employees, make employees tolerate and trust each other, and make members respect each other, so as to shorten the relationship between employees and enhance the affection between members.In the afternoon, or under the light rain, instructors for each of us prepared a raincoat, let us take the "task" to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nanshan bamboo sea, breathe fresh air.Tianmu lake nanshan bamboo sea scenic spot is located in jiangsu liyang at the junction of jiangsu and anhui provinces. It is a national 5A scenic spot.With bamboo culture and longevity culture as the theme, the scenic area has 35,000 mu of green bamboo, the mountain has a babbling stream, different forms of bamboo huts as well as the folk legend of xianshantou, jinniu ling, ancient official road and so on.Team members hand in hand to enjoy the beautiful scenery, experience bamboo culture and longevity culture, edify temperament.

In the evening, the hotel prepared a sumptuous dinner for us. During the dinner, we have to open the door, speak freely, very happy.

On the third day, before the return trip, instructors also took us to visit the largest non-reinforced concrete reservoir dam in China and the largest masonry arch dam in Asia -- pingqiao stone dam, to feel the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland and to be proud of the great motherland.

In the twinkling of an eye, three days of time in a flash, in the reluctant, farewell to the picturesque place, set foot on the drive home.This activity not only opened our eyes, but also made us realize the importance of teamwork. Our hearts were closer to each other and our affection was deeper. Thank the company and the leadership for holding this activity for us!!

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