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How to Reduce and Prevent Damage to Your Forklift
Author:sinolift   Post Time:2021-5-26   Hits:1780 

1. Complete Regular Maintenance

Similar to a car all forklifts need to undergo regular servicing and maintenance at set manufacturer intervals.

Below a couple of examples of routine forklift maintenance are discussed demonstrating how it reduces and prevents damage to a forklift.

As part of regular maintenance common it is important that the unit’s fluid levels (e.g. engine or hydraulic oil) are checked and refilled where necessary, failure to have enough fluid in the machine can adversely affect and severely damage the engines or hydraulic systems resulting in costly repairs or even complete unit replacement in the future.

A forklift’s mast chains are one of the most integral components of the whole unit, chains need to be regularly lubricated to ensure they move smoothly whilst raising and lowering the mast.

Proper lubrication also reduces the likelihood of the chains rusting and losing their integrity raising the chances they may break under the strain of a lifting a heavy load.

2. Install Weather Protection

For forklifts that operate outdoors in weather conditions such as rain, snow or ice one of the easiest ways to prevent or reduce damage from the elements is to install some form of weather protection.

Weather protection may range from purchasing a forklift with a fully enclosed cabin like the Hyster Vista cabin or PVC curtains that can be retrofitted that not only protect the dashboard, controls and electronics from water ingress and damage but also the operator during inclement weather.

3. Conduct Pre and Post Start Checks

Included in pre-start checklists are visual forklift inspections, checking the levels of common consumables are correct and that all safety features such as lights are working correctly.

Pre and post start checks are vital in the prevention of damage to forklifts as any physical damage, incorrect consumable levels and safety features that aren’t working are discovered before the unit starts operations.

The unit can be unsafe unit can be removed from operation until all faults have been resolved so they don’t further degrade and become worse over time.

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