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Electric Lift Crane Hook
Author:Iris   Post Time:2023-1-31   Hits:607 

Electric Lift Crane Hook

A battery powered-lifting trolley which is sturdy, extremely maneuverable and provides lifting solutions for almost any application.

Several accessories available:

  1.   Load roller platform
  2.   Ball transfer platform
  3.   Container holder
  4.   Reel mandrel
  5.   Platform V-cradle
  6.   Reel rotator
  7.   Twin mandrel
  8.   Jib arm with lifting hook
  9.   Weighing system (in option)

Rolling lifting hooks can transport large mill rolls when the lower member is inserted into the core of the roll. Core rolling lifting hooks feature ergonomic designs that provide efficiency, durability and safety, hooks come in a variety of configurations to permit the greatest utility in all roll handling operations.

We are proud to have delivered countless standards and customized reel lifting and roll handling solutions to many different branches both within the converting industry as well as other fields of production and manufacturing:

  1.  Pulp and Paper
  2.  Print
  3.  Textile
  4.  Packaging
  5.  Pharmaceutical / Medical
  6.  Food and Beverage
  7.  Manufacturing

We Thoroughly Analyze Your Roll Handling Needs Before Building Your Roll Lifting Equipment. If you need any help or have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail:

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