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A special roll lifter works on the Lithium battery production line
Author:Iris   Post Time:2023-10-8   Hits:368 

The lifts of the battery assembly line have the following main functions.

1. Improve production efficiency: The lifter can lift the assembled batteries from the assembly line to the next process, realize automatic transportation, avoid manual handling, and improve production efficiency.


2. Saving space: The lift can lift the batteries vertically, occupies little space, can make full use of the space in the factory and improve the utilization of the production site.


3. Protecting batteries: The lifter can take out the batteries from the assembly line smoothly and land them slowly, avoiding vibration and collision of the batteries, and reducing the risk of damage to the batteries.


4. Sorting: The lifter can sort batteries of different types, sizes and models into different bays for subsequent packaging and shipment.


5. Human-computer interaction: The control system of the elevator can be connected with the computer system of the production line to realize information interoperability and facilitate human-computer interaction and data management.

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