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Drum Handlers with Spark Resistant Parts
Author:Iris   Post Time:2024-5-9   Hits:55 

Drum handlers with spark resistant parts are specialized drum handling equipment designed for use in hazardous environments where there is a risk of fires or explosions caused by sparks or static electricity.


These drum handlers are typically made from materials that are non-sparking or spark-resistant, such as copper, brass, aluminum, or stainless steel. These materials are selected for their ability to dissipate static electricity or prevent sparking caused by metal-to-metal contact.


Drum handlers with spark resistant parts are used to safely transport and maneuver drums of flammable liquids or other hazardous substances in areas where there are potential ignition hazards, such as chemical plants, refineries, or other industrial facilities.


Examples of drum handlers with spark resistant parts include:


- Drum grabbers or tongs with copper, aluminum, or brass jaws to grip the drum without creating sparks

- Drum lifters or rotators with non-sparking casters or wheels

- Drum cradles or dollies with stainless steel construction

- Drum pourers or fillers with grounded hoses or fittings


Using drum handlers with spark resistant parts in hazardous environments is essential to prevent fires or explosions that could result in injury or death, as well as damage to equipment and facilities.

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